Brand & Communications Committee: The members of the Brand & Communications Committee serve as the voice and look of AMA Boston. They ensure that our Chapter’s mission, vision, and values are understandable and reflect the integrity of the brand. In addition to brand management, this team manages all outbound communications, including the website, chapter emails, and promotions surrounding events.

Membership Committee: As an organization run by members for members, we strive to keep our members 100% satisfied. The Membership Committee’s core focus is to organize and manage recruitment and retention programs.

Operations Committee: Our Operations Committee keeps our processes in tip top shape. This Committee monitors AMA Boston’s financial health, prepares Board of Director meeting minutes on a monthly basis, maintains historical records for AMA Boston, and collaborates with the national AMA office on an ongoing basis.

Programming Committee: Our members depend on us to provide thought-provoking, leading edge events that engage, motivate, and inspire. The Programming Committee makes that all happen. The Programming team works hard to ensure that it consistently provides valuable content through a selection of proven marketing experts throughout the calendar year.

Sponsorship Committee: As a non-profit organization, we would be nowhere without our incredible sponsors who continue to support and help us add value to the Chapter. Our Sponsorship Committee identifies corporate sponsors and finds ways to integrate these business partners into our events and operations.

Volunteers Committee: Our Volunteers Committee helps members take their membership to the next level – by becoming a part of what makes AMA Boston so successful: its volunteers. This Committee helps AMA members get more involved with the Chapter in a way that best suits their interests, skills, and availability.