Wait! What? You don’t have a Twitter account in 2019?

There are some 336 million monthly active users of this social media network, and you’re not one of them?

Twitter was created in 2006, and frankly, I think everyone in marketing should be using it by now.

Twitter is powerful. Twitter is emotional.

Twitter is hysterical. Twitter is practical.

Twitter is mad. Twitter is sad.

Twitter is the news. Twitter is the views that people have of what’s happening around them all over the world.

I wouldn’t underestimate the power, popularity and predominance of Twitter.

Around 6,000 tweets are shared on Twitter per second, 350,000 per minute, 500 million per day and 200 billion per year, according to Internet Live Stats.

That’s a wealth of data and psychographics for anyone who earns a living in the marketing profession.

Here – in my Twitter Moment below – are dozens of tweets that wonderfully exemplify why Twitter is such a a ridiculously awesome platform for communicating with one another, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons.

Twitter is great.

In fact, Twitter is indispensable, if you ask me…and to those who question its future, I say, you’ve got to be kidding.

Twitter is not going anywhere soon.


  • Bob Cargill

    Bob Cargill, who was named the New England Direct Marketing Association's "Direct Marketer of the Year" for 2009, is an independent social media director, content marketer, copywriter, storyteller, creative director and public speaker...available for hire. You can follow Bob on Twitter at @cargillcreative.