Online ordering and sales is about getting the highest conversion rates you can. With so much competition out there, your website design, content and purchase process must be top-notch. Here are ten tips, based on fundamentals, that will help you increase your conversion rates and get those all-important sales.

1. Cut the jargon

There are  many sellers who try to impress readers with over-complicated, elaborate language. In the end, it just doesn’t work. In the worst scenario, the reader has no idea what you’re talking about. It’s always better to just be clear in your writing. Say what you have to say in the crispest terms possible, and avoid the jargon.

2. Improve your grammar

Similarly, your grammar needs to be perfect or you can turn readers off. Poor grammar makes website copy harder to read and annoying, as the reader needs to decipher what you’ve written. If you think your grammar needs work, you can consult with experts online, such as those at Paper Fellows.

3. Increase trust on your site

A good reason people won’t buy from a site is because they don’t trust it. If you’re seeing lower conversions than normal, this could be why. There are several ways you can build up that trust. Use credible third party sources to back up what you write, and ensure that all online order security measures are in place.

4. Proofread your text

Proofreading is often overlooked but is crucial for any communication. Many a site has suffered because they noticed errors only after they were pointed out by customers. Check anything you write and have a second set of eyes review before you post it. Try using services such as Boom Essays and Academized if you need help.

5. Keep it short and sweet

If you’re writing reams of text, it’s unlikely anyone will make it to the end of the page. You need to keep your writing short and to the point. Practice making your most important point in your first sentence, and elaborating from there. If you want to check how long your articles are getting, try using Easy Word Count.

6. Offer guest check out

Online conversionsEver had a shopping basket full of items, but abandoned it because you had to sign up to place an online order? You know how annoying that is. Offer non-members or unregistered visitors a guest check out. That way you’ll still get the sale even if you don’t get their details.

7. Localize your URL

Even though the net is a global place, many customers still want to use local services. Show you work from their area by adding the place name to your URL. A good example of this is You can even use it in the domain name, as AustralianHelp has done.

8. Put a call to action in your URL

On a similar note, you can put a call to action in your URL too. That way, you’ll catch more people who are searching exactly for the service you’re offering. Check out for a good example of this.

9. Offer reviews of your products

Reviews are another way to achieve trust from your prospective buyer. Customers want to know that you’re selling is worth buying, so give buyers the chance to submit reviews and  potential buyers the ability to read product reviews on your site. They can see what other customers thought of your product, and read rating and comments.

10. Remove any distractions

The goal of your site is to get people to buy. Get rid of any distractions that may stop them. Create a clean page that only shows the customer the information they need. Remove irrelevant stock images, big banners, and anything else that isn’t helpful.

Give these tips a try, and you’ll soon see your conversion rate go through the roof!