Who knows how many marketing, advertising, social media and PR agencies are located in and around Boston?

I doubt anybody knows exactly how many there are around here, but I have found 200 of them on Twitter for you to follow.

Large, small, old and new, together these agencies represent the best and brightest our industry has to offer.

Seriously! Under their roofs right here in Beantown, you could arguably find enough talent, prowess, knowledge and expertise to launch the most sophisticated and successful campaigns in the world.

While what they can they do in 280 characters or less on Twitter, of course, isn’t quite the same as what they can do on a blank canvas and an unlimited budget for their clients, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth following there. Quite the contrary…

Searching for new job? Contemplating a new hire? Keeping up with the competition? Wondering where so-and-so is working nowadays? Starving for inspiration? Interested in learning more about the industry in which you earn your livelihood? Comparing and contrasting your agency to the others in the field? Looking for a creative spark?

Look no further than my list of 200 (and counting) Boston-area agencies on Twitter…



  • Bob Cargill

    Bob Cargill, who was named the New England Direct Marketing Association's "Direct Marketer of the Year" for 2009, is an independent social media director, content marketer, copywriter, storyteller, creative director and public speaker...available for hire. You can follow Bob on Twitter at @cargillcreative.