Facebook Live:

It’s intimidating to do anything live – especially for those of us who are, or work with, introverts. Try and get used to it though. Our audiences expect to engage with us on demand in very personal and authentic ways. As a baby step, I suggest starting with live streaming events that you’re hosting. You could also use live streaming to demo a product, launch something exciting, make an announcement, or highlight a customer success profile.


A “Pull at Their Heart Strings” Video:

Even the smartest marketers in the world sometimes forget a key customer engagement rule – nobody cares about your product details. Content is king, we’ve all heard this by now. The question is, what kind of content is going to cut through the noise in 2018 and beyond?

When it comes to video, form a connection with those you are trying to reach. Use video to leave an impression and to bond with your customer. I was at a panel discussion recently where someone said, “people forget your words, but they remember how you made them feel.” Use short powerful stories of customer success or your company’s mission and vision to leave your audience with the warm and fuzzy feeling that enhances your brand. Sounds obvious, but we aren’t doing enough of this.

A Meet and Greet Video

Do you know what the number one leadership quality Millennials are demanding of leadership is? It’s Authenticity. There’s a new wave of employees and customers flooding the market – ones that want to know who you are, see who you are, and feel who you are. With the media landscape and internet cultures of today, radical transparency is the new reality. Using video to get your story out there is a powerful way to anticipate your audience’s questions about your company and your leadership. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a multi-billion-dollar company, film yourself being yourself. You can use a selfie stick or a video production team, either way make sure you capture the essence of your culture and show the world why they should trust you, engage with you, and buy with you.


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  • Meghan McGrath

    Meghan McGrath is the VP of Content Marketing on the AMA Boston board of directors. She is also the Director of Marketing for Bates, a management consulting firm based in Wellesley, MA.