With competition heating up in every field of business, it’s important to stand out. You want your existing and potential customers to know exactly why you’re the company they should choose and how your business can benefit them. A promo video might be the perfect way to send your message across and win your customers over. Here’s how else promo videos might help your business expand.

1. Raising brand awareness with videos

Your promotional video will help you raise brand awareness faster than anything else. It’s the ideal way to get people to know about your business. When making promotional videos, you can easily include information about your company in a non-threatening way. In other words, videos don’t pressure your customers into buying anything but they do convey important messages about who you are and what you do.

Your brand’s name and goals are much more likely to stick in the customer’s brain for longer, too. Your logo and company name will be constantly present in the video, and thanks to the visual aids, your customers are bound to know exactly who you are in the future.

2. Win over mobile users

Let’s face it, people today rarely use their computers anymore. Everything is mobile-based, and your business should follow suit. If you don’t engage your mobile users, you’re losing a big chunk of your business for nothing. The best way you can engage that huge portion of people always on their smartphones is with videos.

People don’t just scroll through social media on their phones today. They interact with others, read the news, and watch videos. YouTube is extremely popular, especially among the younger generations. It’s not just for fun, either. It’s much easier and much for fun to get quality information from a video than by reading online about it. You’re going to have much more success with a video tutorial of how to use a product you sell than if you wrote about it.

3. Increase your sales

If you’re running out of ideas on how to boost sales, try making a promo video. There’s only so much content you can come up with and all those calls to actions don’t seem to be bringing in the cash. Promo videos will illustrate your points better and are bound to interest your users. This is especially true if your business relies on visuals to demonstrate the aesthetic beauty and quality of your products. Simply writing an article about a tasty muffin, for example, can be too abstract for your customers.

Instead, try shooting a whole video about this muffin and show the customers how you make it. Seeing how beautiful the final result is, your customers are bound to get cravings for a certain muffin. This will all help increase your sales and even double them.

4. Engaging your audience

Any professional video production company will tell you that the biggest perk of the promo video is engaging your audience. In fact, your audience is much more likely to respond to your video than to articles you may post on your page. This is because people respond better to visual content. It’s more interesting, livelier, and retains their attention much more easily.

This is why you can expect a lot of feedback on your video, as well as comments and likes. If you do a really good job on the video, you can be sure that you’ll get a lot of shares, too. All of this helps your business be recognized all over social media. With a strong video, you’ll go viral in no time. Creativity and hard work are the two main components you need for this job.

5. Google loves videos

Let’s face it, most of the things we do in our businesses are to increase our rankings on Google. Showing up in the top query results is the dream of many, and your promo video is bound to help make that happen. Google simply loves videos. It’s bound to display your video in the results even if your website isn’t doesn’t have top rankings.

Still, this will give you and your firm the recognition you need to climb to the top of the results with and without the video. Of course, you can’t forget to optimize your videos for SEO if you truly want things to be fruitful.


As you can see, having a promo video for your business can only do you good. There’s nothing you can’t achieve wit a strong promo video on your hands. Your business is bound to flourish with this tactic and customers will flock to you more than ever before. Increasing your sales and becoming the recognized expert you are will never be easier than now. We’re confident you’ll achieve all of your business goals and more. It all starts right here, with your promo video.