When you are searching for the right marketing job for you, keep in mind that your resume is one of the first things people will see. Before you walk in for the interview your resume has to be picked from a pile of other resumes. Here are seven tips to help you create a memorable marketing resume.

1. Research

Before you write your resume, you should do some research into the company where you are applying for a position. If you think you can draft one resume and send it to numerous companies, you are wrong. You need to create a resume that is styled to the position you are applying for. Find out if the company you are interested in does community work or volunteering. Find out if it is a large or small company. This and other things will help you to shape your resume to fit the job you are applying for.

2. Color, style, and font

Three things that will increase the chance of your resume being noticed are color, style, and font. Times New Roman is a basic font that many people have used for resumes. You want a font that stands out but is still business like. Splashes of color will highlight your resume. You do not want to use too much color or it will be too distracting. The style of your resume should stand out from the rest. There are many resume samples online that will help guide you with your color, style, and font choices.

3. Skills

Be sure to list your skills on your resume. You want your future employer to know what you have to offer their company. This is where some of your research will come in handy. You can see what type of marketing your future employer has done in the past. If you have the skills to perform what they are doing and more, put them on your resume. Your resume should be no longer than one or two pages. Make sure you have space for your skills.

4. Education

List your education from first to last. If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, start with high school. If you have a doctorate, your college should be sufficient. List the classes that pertain to the job you are looking for. If you interned you should list this here. That should be a top bullet point in the list.

5. Volunteering

Research the company where you are applying. If they do volunteer work or are a non-profit organization you will want them to know where you have volunteered. List the places and what you did while you were volunteering. Did you set up a marketing campaign for a local animal shelter? That will be listed here. You can use resume builders online to see how and where you want to put volunteering and other highlights on your resume.

6. Links

Be sure to add links to anything you have done online. You want them to have a good idea of who you are and what you have accomplished. Make sure you have a link to your personal website, any blogs you may have published, your Linked in account, and of course a link to your email. If they are interested in you they will want to know how to contact you. Make sure your links work before sending your resume in. A quick way to have your resume overlooked is to provide links that do not work.

7. Cover letter

Use a cover letter to briefly describe yourself and what you have done. This letter should be three paragraphs long at most. This is just a quick introduction to let them know who you are and why you would fit into their company. A good cover letter will perk their interest and make them want to check out your resume.