Alyssa Badolato ‘23 has been presented with the AMA Boston’s first-ever Collegiate Scholarship! The AMA Boston Collegiate Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity for a graduating senior marketing student dedicated to pursuing a career in the field of marketing. The scholarship is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the marketing industry. This scholarship provides financial support to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, leadership, and involvement in the marketing community.

Alyssa transferred to Plymouth State University (PSU) 3 years ago at the height of COVID-19. During COVID, she began working with a nonprofit called the Truth Initiative. Because of her work, Truth Initiative appeared on NBC News, Cheddar News, and Good Morning America on multiple occasions. When she arrived on campus, she joined the Plymouth State MAPS club, which is the PSU AMA Chapter, and quickly took over the club’s social media. She promptly assumed responsibility for managing the club’s social media presence, revolutionizing its approach to marketing events, meetings, and important updates within the community. Her exceptional efforts resulted in significant increases in followers, likes, reshares, and overall engagement from students across all platforms. 

In addition to her involvement with MAPS, Alyssa showcased her versatility and commitment by participating in various other organizations and initiatives. She became a valuable member of the PSU Professional Sales Team, actively contributed to the Finance Club, and worked at the Plymouth State Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Furthermore, Alyssa embarked on an enriching internship with the Marketing and Communication department on campus. Her keen insights and expertise played a pivotal role in enhancing student interactions across the department’s social media channels. Since the beginning of 2023, she has collaborated on creating six captivating videos that garnered widespread attention and received thousands of views and likes, effectively promoting PSU through its social media platforms.

Driven by her profound interest in the psychology of business and consumer behavior, Alyssa aspires to pursue a Master’s program in the coming years. And eventually, she aspires to continue her education and eventually receive a Doctorate degree in Business Sciences with a concentration in marketing/psychology in the marketplace. She is set to graduate this May. After graduation, she looks forward to continuing her first post-graduate job at Quickbase in June. 

Her professor, Dr. Raj Sachdev said it best, “Alyssa Badolato, a student in my Marketing Management class, has shown great leadership. This isn’t Alyssa’s first recognition nor last as Alyssa uses her passion for being a change agent for society. Congratulations!”

Alyssa’s remarkable journey at Plymouth State University exemplifies her dedication, creativity, and ambition. She has not only left a lasting impact on the university community. Still, she has also set the stage for her bright future, poised to make meaningful contributions to the field of business and marketing.


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