• What is your name, and title?

Christopher Deming / Content Marketing Manager

I currently work for a software company that specializes in 3D design and animation. I develop the content marketing strategy across global marketing which helps drive awareness, deepen engagement and position ourselves as thought leaders.  The other aspect of my role is to create content for various types of collateral including website, eBooks, webinars, videos, blogs, etc. with a goal to increase pipeline contribution.   

  • How/when did you first learn about AMA?

I first heard about AMA from a friend about 3 years ago. Around that time, I also received several reminders from Eventbrite regarding various AMA networking sessions throughout the city and surrounding areas.

  • What inspired you to join?  

I was seeking new career opportunities at the time I was introduced to AMA.  I wanted to leverage AMA events to network with fellow marketers, gain new insights and continue to hone my marketing skills.

I decided to join AMA after a networking event where I met several folks who generously offered to review my resume and offer critiques.   It was during these conversations I attribute my resume epiphany.

Throughout this process, I learned recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds or less reviewing resumes.  Based on their feedback, I began the overhauling process of making my resume more concise and visually pleasing that included a compelling CTA.  Prior to my first AMA networking event, I experienced a 3% return rate on my applications. Whereas the average interview ratio should be about 10-20%.    

Armed with a new version of my resume and added confidence and support from my new AMA friends, I noticed an immediate increase in interview requests.  In fact, my return rate jumped to about 60-65%.  I was so happy! At the end of my new career search, I received multiple job offers, which afforded me the luxury of choosing the right organization that fit my personal and professional interests/goals.    

  • How long have you been an AMA member?

Officially, less than a year; however, I have been active in many of the social networking events for nearly 3 years.

  • What impact do you wish to have on others as an AMA member?

As a current member of AMA, I would like to return the favor to fellow marketers and give back to others.  Furthermore, I’d like to apply my previous experiences and skillsets in an effort to continue challenging, improving, and knowledge-sharing the lessons I have learned throughout my career with fellow marketers.

  • What are your professional goals?

As marketers, we are inherently learning and refining our skillsets with new technologies and techniques.  I’d like to continue this life-long journey of learning and become a Chief Marketing Officer at an organization that helps make the world a better place.

  • What is your major business challenge as a modern marketer?   

With Account-Based Marketing experience on my side, knowing what tools/techniques or even when to pull the right levers at the right time will always be a challenge. 

Also, understanding where potential customers are in the funnel and understanding what their drivers are will always be a challenge as the messaging will be completely different.  Sometimes I like to call myself the Swiss army knife of marketing.  As an active AMA member, we are always exchanging new ideas and methodologies.  It’s great to know what’s available from a technology perspective, how to leverage new techniques and sometimes share similar frustrations.

  • Would you recommend AMA to others and why? 

Absolutely!  While I’m no longer actively seeking a new opportunity, the folks I’ve met along the way have significantly impacted the trajectory of my career.     

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

I envision myself as a senior or director marketing on the thought leadership/demand generation side of marketing.

  • What do you like most about AMA?

I really enjoy interacting with diverse marketers that come from different career backgrounds.  Lastly, everyone is super fun, friendly and willing to help one another.  

  • Do you have any concluding words?

Network.  Have fun.  Always be learning. And give back to your peers and community.