I am so very, very grateful to have had the opportunity to join a bunch of my peers, all of whom are leaders of different AMA chapters, down in Raleigh, North Carolina last weekend for the AMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Retreat.

After networking and getting to know one another better on Friday night over dinner, we spent the day together on Saturday talking about leadership, membership, volunteerism, programming and everything else to do with this ridiculously awesome nationwide team of marketing superstars.

Check out this Twitter Moment (below) I put together for some of the highlights.

P.S. BIG thanks, kudos and props to AMA Triangle as well as Tracy Russell-Beck, Stewart Law, Joey Taylor-Moon and everyone else who was involved in the management of this very special event!


  • Bob Cargill

    Bob Cargill, who was named the New England Direct Marketing Association's "Direct Marketer of the Year" for 2009, is an independent social media director, content marketer, copywriter, storyteller, creative director and public speaker...available for hire. You can follow Bob on Twitter at @cargillcreative.