The best marketing strategies of 2022 promise to start with “human needs.” As more businesses shift entirely online, it’s important to remember that we are re-writing the book on how marketing strategies reach modern customers. Let’s discuss a few marketing trends and strategies you are sure to see in 2022, and how you can start implementing the necessary changes today, to take advantage tomorrow.


  1. Fast, responsive communication

Customer communication might be the most important element of your new marketing plan for 2022. While some businesses are investing in international call center support, these professionals, often from the Philippines or other developing countries, might not have the language or cultural skills necessary to please your customers. Consider going with nearshore call centers, over international, to ensure your customers are pleased with their fast and responsive service.

  1. More detailed insights

Focus on what is important to your customers by carefully tracking what content is generating interest. This will give you exciting new insights into what your customers want, need and how you can potentially expand your business into more lucrative markets.

  1. Personalized recommendations

Many enterprises are using AI-enabled technology to offer more personalized recommendations to their customers during the browsing process. Some customers even prefer to use sites like Amazon, that provide an easy list of similar products to choose from.

  1. Branded entertainment

Marketing is all about telling a story, and branded entertainment makes your marketing material fun and exciting to customers!  People love to be entertained, meaning it’s critical that your material is both informative, easy to follow, and fun to watch or read.

5. Human connection to capitalize online sales

Human connection is at the heart of every business, and online businesses have many opportunities to capitalize on human connection. Create marketing material that speaks to our human emotions and needs, or informs on an important issue of the day.   This is a great way to build an emotional connection between your customers and your brand, even when their only point of contact is through the internet.

  1. Great customer service

Customer service will be one of the most important elements of marketing in 2022, with 89% of companies gaining market traction through the quality of their customer service alone. Online customers are expecting better and faster services in the upcoming year, now that many businesses have had time to adjust to the new, post-pandemic world of eCommerce. Make sure that every customer you encounter has the best experience possible. They will remember, and share their experience with people in their circle.

  1. Invest in online events

The internet is where people go for fun, using social media, gaming sites and even dating sites to meet people and find businesses. Create an online event like a webinar, seminar or product launch, to entice customers to invest time and money in your company or product. Taking traditionally in-person events online, means more customers will be able to attend and interact with your company, and is also a great source of contact information for future marketing campaigns or online events.

  1. Content is king again

Content, king of marketing, is shifting toward simplicity and clarity over catchy buzz-words. Too many customers have been tricked into a “free quote” or product, only to find themselves filling in pages of useless information, or being subjected to unsolicited phone calls. Make sure your content is entirely unique, tells a story, clearly presents why your product is the best solution, and how the customer can get in touch, with a clear call to action.

  1. Start offering seamless multi-channel retail experiences

Offering multi-channel retail is not enough, if the experience is not equal for all customers on all sites. For example, if your Facebook marketplace site is updated irregularly or not maintained, customers will simply stop using it, or will use other vendors. Some businesses are using technology like that available with USPS shipping API, built to streamline and simplify the shipping process, and proven to delight customers. If a particular channel seems to be underperforming, take time to consider where you are getting hung-up, and make immediate adjustments!


Marketing is in a constant state of flux, affected by the weather, world events, and even rapidly shifting personal preferences. Take time today to consider your marketing strategy for 2022, and how you will make use of this fast moving industry, to enhance your business and your customers’ quality of life.





  • Nick Rojas

    Nick Andrew Rojas is a journalist and a self-taught serial entrepreneur who has worked with various startups as a business consultant. His work often discusses marketing, business and technology. He loves to connect so reach out on Twitter! @nickarojas. Nick volunteers for AMA Boston in his (limited) spare time.