An acquaintance recently told me he was translating his business /marketing documents using a free machine translation app on his smartphone. While this may be fine for getting the gist of informal written materials, you don’t want to rely on such a method for accuracy when dealing with business documents. This sort of machine translation excels at translating short, simple phrases and individual words. Nuanced language with idioms, clauses, differing pronouns and varying verb forms will not come out correctly most of the time.

Combining Human Translation and Technology Tools

Your customers will be judging you and your company on what they see and read. Most people throughout the world prefer to read from websites or documents in their native language if possible, so getting it right the first time is very important. Computer technology tools aid the human translator combining the best benefits from both methods – cost reduction from the technology and accuracy from educated and experienced translators.

As business has grown more global and complex, the need for fast and accurate translation has increased as well. Coupled with a development we now take for granted, the ubiquity of the web in nearly every part of the world, all users have high standards for their web experiences. For your complex documents and web pages, don’t rely on pure machine translation – select a group such as Keylingo Translations that offers tech-enabled human translation.