As marketing professionals, it’s critical that we spend time and energy not only on cultivating our company’s brand but also our own personal brand. Your personal brand merits, in an age of such digital transparency, are hard won and can be tarnished in an instant. Here are some tips from the AMA Boston Board of Directors on cultivating a personal brand that clicks with all your important audiences in 2018.

Think of Yourself as a Product

As marketers, when we go through the product positioning and messaging exercises, we look at our target audience, build the topline messaging and share supporting proof points for each message to trigger the buying impulse in consumers. Similarly, think about your expertise and insights. Create topline messaging and add supporting proof points to build credibility. For example, if you want to be known as a digital marketer, you must demonstrate credentials that make you an expert. Be transparent about results and challenges that you’ve had to overcome to drive the process.

-Parna Sarkar-Basu, VP of Brand Marketing

Authenticity is Key

Uncover and understand your brand and personal POV. It’s important to consider the value that others perceive in you. You can’t just jump in and start “personal branding” – there’s no fake it ‘till you make it! Creating your brand is a journey.

Margaret Bonilla, VP of Events

Your Digital Footprint

If you’re someone who views professional social media as a “check the box” activity, you may want to consider what your posts are saying about you. Like it or not, we’re in a digital age where often people gather impressions about you online first! What sorts of posts do you react to? Which causes do you support? If you’re hesitant about social media, consider posting more about things you’re passionate about in your professional life – it will enhance your brand and help people connect with you virtually.

-Meghan McGrath, VP of Content and Website Marketing

Self-awareness is Paramount

With social media, people recognize who and what you are one hundred times faster. If you are an expert, witty, snarky, or a jerk, it is obvious right away. For that reason, your brand must be authentic to you. Being yourself through your brand ensures that all your marketing, from face-to-face communications to curated content, set consistent and true expectations. Beyond those benefits, people always respond to what is genuine.

-Marina Erulkar, VP of Sponsorship

Internalize then Externalize! Build then act! Brands take time…. invest in becoming one!

Remember, perception plays a critical role, so be cautious and conscious!

Think of a short-story that conveys how you would like people to remember you. Then act accordingly so as to promote that brand image. Brands are not made overnight but over time!

Remember when branding yourself, know that you:

  1. “Are” and “can” be a brand
  2. “Need to do something” to “maintain, create, or promote” that brand
  3. Be “aware of yourself” if you want to be a brand, then “work it.”

– Zuby Singh, VP of Strategy

We’ll be talking more about personal brand at our upcoming Marketing Mingle on October 13th. Registration is free, so we hope to see you all there!


  • Meghan McGrath

    Meghan McGrath is the VP of Content Marketing on the AMA Boston board of directors. She is also the Director of Marketing for Bates, a management consulting firm based in Wellesley, MA.