The COVID-19 outbreak has forced companies to shift to remote working and with that, we’ve seen a change in social media trends and engagement. In this episode of Talking Marketing, we talk with Pushpa Ithal, CEO of MarketBeam, a social amplification platform. Pushpa shares some of the trends her and her team have seen since the start of the outbreak, including changes in social behavior, what types of content is performing better than others, and how audiences are engaging on social. We also discuss the importance of developing and tweaking your social strategy right now, as well as the long-term benefits and opportunities social media can have for your company.

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To learn more about MarketBeam or inquire about the 2 month free trial, you can email Pushpa Ithal at or connect with her on LinkedIn here:


  • Chris Goodnow

    Chris Goodnow is a Marketing Associate at Bates, a global management consulting firm. Chris is also the Director of Content Marketing for AMA Boston.