Talking Marketing is BACK, and new Director of Content Allen is chatting with Jen Faucon, a global marketing leader with years of experience across multiple agencies like McCann, BBDO, and iProspect. She now works on global programs and innovation at USCIB, and she took some time to chat with us about the 2022 Super Bowl ads (including her favorites), defining buzzwords like “hyper local”, breaking into the marketing industry as so many entry-level jobs are being replaced by AI, and much more! There’s even a brief discussion of NFTs and crypto, and how they’re changing the way we think about finance! It’s a jam-packed episode, and we hope you enjoy the discussion.

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  • Allen ibrahim

    Allen is a podcaster, TV enthusiast, and Digital Marketing MBA graduate based in the Greater Boston Area. Their pronouns are he/they, and they joined AMA Boston as VP of Content in 2022.