Let’s look at the statistics; only 27% of online shoppers speak English — we know, shocking. As well as almost unbelievable (really, is it only 27%?) it’s something that you cannot ignore.  

If you choose to neglect to communicate with the other 73%, you’re costing yourself a lot of money. Not to mention, shoppers in Germany, Britain, and South Korea are avid online shoppers, even if they do speak English, it will require a different online marketing strategy.  

So, how can brands market themselves to an international market? We’ve got you covered.  

Below, we’ve listed the best ways that you can take your business global, and market effectively.  

Why Should You Go Global? 

We could bring that 27% statistic back up, but that’s more than likely still settling with you. There are many other reasons why you should go global.  

Make no mistake, America does spend the most money online — we’re notorious for it.  

However, if you limit yourself to just doing business in America, you’re restricting yourself massively. Not only are you missing out on tonnes of traffic coming to your site, but you’re also losing out on easy sales.  

The Swiss, South Koreans and British are ready to buy — they’re looking for ways to spend their money. Why aren’t you selling to them? 

However, online marketing internationally is about more than just writing up some copy in French. It’s about understanding cultures, breaking down walls, and finding your relevance.  

Let’s dive right into our best tips for online marketing to an international audience.  

1. Research New Countries 

You wouldn’t move to another country without thoroughly researching, right?  Online marketing, and expanding your business should be treated the same way.  

Let’s take South Korea, as an example. You should research into South Korean lifestyle, trends, celebrities, cultural elements, slang, and their favorite things.  

Even somewhere that’s similar to America, like Britain, still doesn’t react the same way to American marketing techniques. British humor, norms, and habits are extremely different from American. It’s more than just spelling.  

2. Take a Trip 

Do you need an excuse to take a vacation? Well, now you have one anyway.  

You should always visit the land that your planning on selling to, even if it’s through online marketing techniques.  

If you’re looking into selling books in Brazil, take a quick trip to Brazil. After you’ve soaked up the sun, make sure to get in touch with their culture, too. Having an internet-based business gives you this kind of freedom, and you should take advantage of it.    

3. Make Sure You Know All About Cultural Differences 

Here’s the thing — somethings can be offensive in other countries. It’s something that you need to look out for.  

Of course, some things aren’t considered offensive at all (take Britain as an example), but in other countries, certain slang words and expressions are frowned upon.  

It’s like somebody marketing to an American audience, when their only knowledge of America comes from comedy shows. It wouldn’t work out that well, would it? 

Very often such tasks will demand professional translators and localization experts. Considering how important this process is, it’s essential to approach it with due diligence.

We would strongly advise opting for services that provide a holistic service on translations and localization and can recommend professionals in the field. Services like PickWriters have made a name for themselves by working with versed cultural counselors and localization experts.

4. Discover the Niches 

Again, a traditional marketing technique — but it works. When you go international, it’s better to begin nice and steady. It can be a bit frightening to go against big brands and businesses right at the beginning.  

Try out your business in a small niche, at first. Use your marketing techniques and see how it goes. You have a much better chance of being successful this way.  

Once it seems to be going well, expand, expand, expand. You see, when you’re online, one simple error can be seen by thousands of people — try and minimize that risk.  

5. Develop a Global Plan 

A master plan is necessary — it keeps you on track, and allows you to follow your journey. Make a detailed plan on your targets, the niches, your budgets…everything.  

Obviously, you can edit your plans as you go along, just always make them beforehand.  

Also, don’t get overwhelmed. The world is a big place, and you can quickly begin to feel very small.  

With a detailed plan, and through research, you’ll absolutely stay grounded.  

6. Keep up with Trends 

Trends differ from country to country. What might be popular in America, might be unknown in Spain.  

Keep on the lookout for all the trends, in the specific areas that you’re selling it. Make adjustments to your marketing strategy as you go along. 


We hope these little hints and tips help you on your international journey.  Most of your online marketing techniques will work with your international customers — just make sure to switch up the jargon, keep up with trends, and get up to date with the culture.  

If nothing else, make sure you are respectful. Not being careful in this area, could be detrimental to your brand. Proper research is absolutely crucial.