A business marketing strategy will certainly include a few common elements, but there are several other critical elements you must consider each time you update your strategy. Let’s look over a few of the things to look at to create a next-level business marketing strategy in 2022.


  1. Reach customers in different ways

Some customers will be coming to you from Google, some from social media, and even from advertising or word of mouth. It’s critical that you set up ways to reach your customers, wherever they live. Using things like local SEO can easily help you reach your local customer base, while sending out email marketing blasts or social media posts might reach a totally different subsection of customers. Give this careful thought before making any outreach or marketing plans!

  1. Build and leverage strong cybersecurity

Strong cyber security is smart, and this investment can also be leveraged into business growth. More customers are becoming concerned with the data privacy and overall security of the companies they do business with. Investment in stronger cybersecurity capabilities is something you want to tell your customers about! Consider building a marketing campaign centered around privacy, security and your company’s commitment to providing security for your customers.

  1. Create a business toolbox

Experts say that a business and marketing plan, accounting software, an employee manual and computers and safe IT networks are the building blocks of a successful and growth-oriented business. Take your time and draw on the experience of your employees for this step in the process, to ensure you have the right expertise on your team to manage all these different elements effectively and keep them streamlined. The more automated you make your processes, the faster you can adapt to growth!

Phone screen showing social media apps

  1. Use Social Media to the fullest

Social media is a powerful tool! Creating a social media site for your business is free, and along with it come quite a few analytics and data management tools that will be valuable for you as your business grows. Don’t forget to keep your social media pages streamlined with the rest of your business, and keep them updated far more often than you would update your website. Social media is a great place to interact with your customers, so be sure that each social media site is monitored and all customer inquiries or comments get responses immediately, for maximum social media impact.

  1. Focus on user experience

You can’t be there to control how and when users come to your site, so you must ensure that your user experience radar is up in a big way. Important things like following digital payment trends will, unsurprisingly, have a major impact on your customers and how they interact with your company. For example, if your company only takes one type of credit card, or only works with a single currency, you are eliminating a huge group of potential customers!  Take some time to make sure you are accessible for all customers, in all areas, and with all safe and secure payment methods.

  1. Use Google to the fullest

Google looks for the most reputable sites based on its ability to read and parse your page information, and even tracks elements like how often your site is updated and what other businesses link to your page. Remember, the only links and shares that Google finds valuable are those to other reputable sites and sources. Take some time to research SEO, and how to take advantage of all the benefits Google has to offer, when refreshing your business marketing strategy.

  1. Refresh your content

Speaking of content, a tech company might think it’s a great idea to have an engineer write product descriptions for your website. But consider how many customers need a detailed overview of the inner workings of your product, and is your engineer even a good writer? Too much and too detailed often amounts to customers abandoning your page for a simpler, more organized and straight forward page. You will also want to update or add to your content regularly, to avoid becoming stale on search engines like Google. Remember, the fastest growing and most successful companies update their content daily!


Updating your business marketing strategy is a fantastic idea, and should be done regularly. Taking the time at the beginning of the process to consider all these elements will save you time, money and frustration on the back end, and will also help streamline any future growth or new marketing strategies. Follow these tips for an exciting and prosperous 2022 for your business!


  • Nick Rojas

    Nick Andrew Rojas is a journalist and a self-taught serial entrepreneur who has worked with various startups as a business consultant. His work often discusses marketing, business and technology. He loves to connect so reach out on Twitter! @nickarojas. Nick volunteers for AMA Boston in his (limited) spare time.