Skills-based hiring is on the rise, Forbes reports, with LinkedIn showing a 21% increase in U.S. job postings that focus on skills and responsibilities rather than qualifications. IT degrees, in particular, equip graduates with a host of transferable skills that can help them successfully enter careers in digital marketing. In fact, you’ll find a number of key coding skills can be used to improve your overall competency, productivity, and workflow.

Write better marketing reports with data analysis

SQL is a programming language used to manage databases, as well as perform quick data analysis (even on multi-million line datasets). It’s typically used in marketing to run advanced queries on Google Analytics data and access company data (including, things like user lists and customer details). Specifically, SQL can be used to improve the detail and accuracy of marketing reports. For example, if you work with PPC tools, significant data discrepancies can often occur between internal company reports, Google Ads, and Google Analytics, which makes it difficult to determine the correct next step. Being competent in SQL, however, can help you quickly search the company database and extract raw data to find errors. As a result, you’ll be able to write more detailed and accurate reports — with no need to hang around waiting for a developer to answer questions or take care of the job for you.

HTML key for content marketing

An IT degree can equip you with the skills needed in a number of different careers, including IT consultant, database administrator, and information systems manager. However, you’ll also find typical IT courses covering topics like business computer networks and database design can also benefit you in a digital marketing career. A solid understanding of programming languages like HTML, for example, can bolster your digital marketing technical skills. HTML tells web browsers how to display content and plays a key role in improving interfaces to provide an excellent user experience. Knowledge of HTML can help you successfully edit title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords — which is vital in content marketing. Additionally, it’s also useful to know how to correctly format content by creating headings, paragraphs, spacing, hyperlinks, bullet-point lists, and images.

Manipulate APIs with scripting languages

Scripting languages are a type of computer language used to provide instructions to other software like web servers, browsers, or apps — and they’re now a key part of the marketing space. Python, for example, is a dynamic programming language used throughout most marketing platforms. It’s most commonly used to work with APIs (application programming interfaces): a feature all software or tools have that allows them to talk with each other. APIs can be used to automate workflows, such as text analysis or social media posts, so digital marketers are freed up to put their time and focus elsewhere.


An IT degree can bolster your digital marketing skills in numerous key ways. With coding skills like data analysis, HTML, and scripting languages under your belt, you can stand out against other graduates and successfully launch your career in digital marketing.