Melissa Unrynowski ‘23 recently graduated from Merrimack College with a degree in business administration with dual concentrations in sports management and marketing.

Throughout her time at Merrimack, Melissa demonstrated exemplary leadership skills as the President of the AMA chapter for three years. She dedicated four years to actively participating in the chapter, fostering a deep commitment to its mission and engaging with AMA Boston. Recently, Melissa hosted a very successful event with 36creative and AMA Boston at Merrimack, where she brought together creative partners and AMA members to learn more about the incredible impact of branding!

In addition to her role within AMA, Melissa also served as the secretary for the entrepreneurship club and enthusiastically engaged in various campus ministry groups and the sports management club.

Melissa’s dedication to personal and professional growth extended beyond her involvement in clubs. She seized valuable employment opportunities, gaining hands-on experience and expanding her skill set. Notably, Melissa contributed to the academic success center, where she provided valuable support to her fellow students. She also thrived as a team member at the Lucey Center for career advising, assisting her peers with career development. In addition, Melissa embraced her passion for entrepreneurship by serving as a lab assistant at the entrepreneurship lab, immersing herself in innovative projects and gaining practical knowledge in the field.

After graduation, Melissa aspires to merge their passions for sports and marketing in their upcoming career. She looks forward to staying in touch with AMA Boston and joining future events!

We interviewed Melissa who graduated in 2023 from Merrimack College

  • Tell us about yourself.

I am a soon-to-be graduate of Merrimack College. I received my degree in business administration with two concentrations in sports management and marketing. Throughout my time at Merrimack, I was the President of the AMA chapter for 3 years and have been involved in the club for 4 years. I also was the secretary for the entrepreneurship club and was a part of campus ministry groups and sports management club. I also had various employment opportunities working for the academic success center, the Lucey Center for career advising, and a lab assistant at the entrepreneurship lab.

  • Where do you go to college and how long are you into your program?

Merrimack College for 4 years.

  • What excites you most about learning and working in marketing?

I love marketing because I love being able to express my creativity in a variety of different ways.

  • Why are you involved with the AMA/marketing community, and how is the AMA helping empower your future career?

I love being able to connect with others that share the same passions as me. This is helping me build my career because of the amount of connections AMA has brought to me. I also learned tons of valuable information from guest speakers and different workshops.

  • What does your future in marketing look like?

I am looking to combine sports and marketing in my future career. I would love to take my two passions together and turn it into something great!

  • Who is your favorite marketer OR what is your favorite business that does marketing well?

36creative really stood out to me from the workshop I took with them. It inspired me to work in the digital ad agency space. I love the way they work together to strategize.

  • Would you recommend AMA Boston to others? Why or why not?

Definitely! AMA Boston provides a plethora of opportunities for marketers, especially students! Joining AMA my freshman year was one of my favorite involvements at Merrimack. I enjoyed attending the different events and workshops there were. It also gave me the chance to network with different employers.

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