Steven Albert is a Marketing Manager at Beth Israel Lahey Health. As a marketing manager in health care, he works closely with physicians and nurses, hospital administration, and service line managers to develop marketing and branding solutions. 

Steven is new to Massachusetts and the Greater Boston area.

Q&A with Steven

AMA Boston: When did you become a member of AMA Boston?

Steven: January 2020

AMA Boston: What inspired you to become a member?

Steven: Originally from southern Connecticut and a UConn alum, I was job hunting in early 2019 and hoping to find something in the Greater Boston area. With few connections here, I decided to look up networking events and came across an AMA Boston networking night. Long story short, I ended up making some great connections that night which led me to my current Marketing Manager role.

AMA Boston: What do you like most about AMA Boston?

Steven: Depending on what you are looking for in your career, AMA Boston offers many great opportunities to develop your marketing and professional skills or simply make new friends in the marketing community. My experience so far has led me to both professional growth and lifelong friends.

As someone who is leaning towards specializing in digital marketing moving forward, I am also excited to take advantage of AMA’s Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) program that offers online classes/certifications.

AMA Boston: How has AMA Boston impacted your career?

Steven: AMA Boston impacted my career in a life changing way by offering networking events and opportunities, even if you aren’t a member yet or from Boston. For someone who had lived and studied in Connecticut his whole life, all it took was a two-hour drive into the city and some blind optimism to attend an AMA Boston networking event and meet some amazing people who were happy and excited to help me with my job hunt.

AMA Boston: Would you recommend AMA Boston to others? If yes, then why?

Steven: Whether you are coming from out of state like me, or already live in the Greater Boston area, I would highly recommend AMA Boston to others. If you are just out of school and on the job hunt, looking for new career opportunities, or happily employed and just looking for friends within the marketing community, AMA Boston is a great resource. Any connections and seeds planted today can lead to growth and career opportunities for life!

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