Charley Spektor is Partner and Co-founder of Saratoga B2B Digital Marketing Agency. He focuses on doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research and then develops and implements SEO strategies based on that research on behalf of their clients. Charley works with clients to improve their websites for better performance in Google organic search, which can lead to a significant increase in qualified prospects visiting the site.

Charley is currently gearing up for his 23rd full marathon race.

Q&A with Charley

AMA Boston: When did you become a member of AMA Boston?

Charley: November 2019

AMA Boston: What inspired you to become a member?

Charley: My business partner Paul Desmond had been using the AMA Boston website and noted that it had strong content on it, so we decided that we wanted to participate in the exchange of marketing knowledge.

AMA Boston: What do you like most about AMA Boston?

Charley: Shortly after joining, I was able to pass along some SEO marketing knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years via the AMA Boston podcast with Meghan McGrath [President-Elect, AMA Boston], as well as a blog post that Paul and I wrote on new Google natural language processing capabilities (named BERT) that will be impacting digital marketers for years to come.

AMA Boston: How has AMA Boston impacted your career?

Charley: The podcast was valuable for me personally. It helped me organize my thoughts to coherently present some digital marketing techniques, which we’ve had success with over the past year.

AMA Boston: Would you recommend AMA Boston to others? If yes, then why?

Charley: So far, I’ve read a number of blog posts and listened to several podcasts, which have conveyed information of value to our company. It’s the exchange of information that I find most valuable at this point.

AMA Boston: Any last thoughts that you’d like to share?

Charley: I’m looking forward to exchanging more information in 2020 on B2B marketing. In particular, I’m interested in where there are many exciting opportunities in the always-shifting digital landscape.

Listen to Charley’s episode on the AMA Boston podcast here: How to get your website on page one of Google

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