Writing a job description is never easy, especially when it comes to such a multi-faceted department like marketing. In this blog, we will cover the description of a Marketing Manager in Boston from all different angles. Whether you are thinking about becoming a Marketing Manager, hiring one for your company, or recruiting for the role. According to marketinghire.com, Massachusetts “had the highest number of marketing job openings, 82.76 per 100,000 people, more than double the national average”, which is why it is especially important to understand the best ways to recruit or apply for a Boston Marketing Manager role.

What does a Marketing Manager do?

A Marketing Manager can, and typically does, handle a range of job aspects, along with leading a team of their own. They can handle things such as copywriting, digital marketing, and creative design. Popular pieces of this role may include writing email campaigns, press releases, blogs, social media posts, or even graphic designs. On a smaller team, you may not have direct reports, but are expected to handle quiet a large amount of responsibilities, whereas medium-large teams, you will typically have a group of marketers reporting to you. Make sure to clarify that during the hiring process.

How can I become a Marketing Manager?

Apply, apply, apply! Make sure that you are applying to companies that you are compatible with their values. Make sure your resume fits the requirements for the job description, and that you feel like you are excited about the roles you are applying for. Once you start applying, reach out to recruiters to see if they are available to help tailor your resume, practice interview questions with you, or even help to bridge a connection with someone hiring.

What Should a Recruiter Focus on When Sourcing a Marketing Manager?

The Boston Marketing Manager job description is the most important part of recruiting for the role. You want the applicant to know exactly what they are applying for. Before speaking with the applicant, take a deep look into their resume and check their marketing background, educational experience, and anything else that might be related to the role. Then, when interviewing, make sure to truly understand the holistic view of the person, not just their resume. Find out what parts of marketing they are interested in, what they do outside of work, and any volunteer work they may have done to help others. As a Marketing Hiring Manager, you should make sure to ask the right questions to make sure you get the right fit. Some questions that you should ask are:

What is your educational and experience in marketing so far in your career? Do you have any experience in leading a team or other leadership aspects? Are you involved in any associations that may improve your skills and experience?

As a recruiter, if the job description doesn’t fit the responsibilities of a Marketing Manager, you should speak with the hiring manager or company responsible for the role. This can impact them finding the right fit, and ultimately extending the hiring process.

Finding the right person for any job is a challenge. As with any interview, it is not only an interview for the person applying, but for the company as well. You want to make sure both sides understand the position clearly and what is expected. When hiring for a Marketing Manager in Boston, you should also clarify not only the roles and responsibilities, but the next career steps as well. Typically, after being a Marketing Manager, you may move up to an Associate Marketing Director or even a Marketing Director. If you plan on staying in a company long term, your career growth should be factored into your decision about the job.

You’ve got this, good luck!


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