“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit” ~ Napoleon Hill

Today Lead Generation is as important as it’s ever been. Sales professionals need to reach out to potential buyers who may be interested in their products or services. This is the cornerstone of business. Prospecting is a necessity in the selling process and deserves proper time, attention and commitment.

Why? In today’s new economy you are in an evolving environment. The business climate is constantly changing and customers are having trouble surviving— some may even sell, merge, or close altogether. It’s your responsibility to keep the funnel full and not become complacent waiting until there is a crisis.

How? First look at your current customer base. How did you attract and land this business? Was it a referral from a satisfied customer? Was it a lead from an associate or trade organization? You may find while doing this exercise that the same people are referring to you multiple times. This is a good thing—reward them! Take them out to lunch, dinner, or buy them a gift certificate. Keep them in the fold. They are like gold.

You have numerous tools at your disposal to keep your funnel full. Consider the following.

• Ask for testimonials and referrals from customers and associates. People that respect you will be flattered that you asked.

• Conduct business networking at targeted trade associations/groups. Use your time wisely. Focus on areas that your customers and prospects frequent.

• Send out business blogs, newsletters and email postings that are worthwhile and hold value to your customers and prospects.

• Connect on LinkedIn, professional blogs, and business communities. Develop frequency by commenting or adding to a discussion.

• Attend, speak or exhibit at industry trade shows—stay informed and connected. Seek out board members. They are trade advocates who know all the players and are generally open to connecting you to others.

• Create a frequent professional persona with the media and blogosphere. Become a resource as the expert and thought-leader in your specialty.

• Survey your customers with questions on specific topics such as how they would like to communicate with you, ideas, issues, opportunities, etc.

The word I like to use is frequency. Stay in the forefront of the minds of customers as a positive solution to their problems and opportunities. Let’s us know how we can help? Don saracen@fullchannel.net


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