Adrianna, tell us about yourself

I love strategic marketing and media planning! But when I am not studying marketing, I am usually trying out viral TikTok recipes and hanging out with my friends. I am also a huge Harry Styles fan and if you ever see me walking down the street, that is most likely who I am listening to.

Where do you go to college and how long are you into your program?

I go to Emerson College in Boston and I am in my fourth year of the Marketing Communications program.

We love Emerson! What are you involved with on/off campus?

On campus, I am only involved with AMA Emerson right now since I will be moving to Los Angeles next semester. Outside of school, I am a nanny for the coolest kids and I am a brand ambassador to the Intermix store on Newbury Street in partnership with Intern Queen.

What excites you most about learning and working in marketing?

What excites me most about marketing is how it’s always changing and evolving. Catching up with new marketing trends is my favorite thing to do in my classes.

Why are you involved with the AMA/marketing community, and how is the AMA helping empower your future career?

I am involved with AMA because I think it is such a powerful tool for up and coming marketers that was not talked about a lot when I started at Emerson. When I heard about it and all of the perks to help get me farther in my marketing skills, I wanted to bring it to Emerson as soon as I could.

What does your future in marketing look like?

My future in marketing looks like either running a social media for a brand I love, or working with a bunch of cool campaigns within a marketing agency.

Who is your favorite marketer OR what is your favorite business that does marketing well?

My favorite marketer is Kate Welch, the CMO of Rare Beauty, because she encourages young women in marketing to work hard at what you’re good at and you’ll get to where you want. In other words, she is reassuring about finding “the perfect job” after college, especially to someone like me who is about to graduate. Her work is also AMAzing.

Would you recommend AMA Boston to others?

Yes! I would because it connects you to marketers in Boston that can teach you ideas your close network may not be able to, and learning is growing!

Adrianna, we had so much fun connecting and spotlighting you as Student of the Quarter!

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