Nowadays, it’s not only the millennial who are using emails. Most people use email on a daily basis, and they check their inbox whenever, wherever. A dependable way for a brand to communicate with customers is email marketing. eCommerce email marketing services help drive more brand sales. 

Want to boost repeat purchases without spending a lot on advertising? Well, an eCommerce marketing company could help you boost your brand. There are proven email marketing schemes for eCommerce businesses to boost sales and of course ROI. 

With so many techniques you could implement, it could be daunting to launch an eCommerce email marketing scheme. For starters, the focus should be on the four automated email campaigns. They are proven to work great with eCommerce brands

Tips to Automate your eCommerce Email Marketing

An eCommerce Email marketing company could walk you through these great tips to automate your email marketing today. 

1. Automated Sequence to abandoned carts recovery.  Almost 70 percent of shopping carts are being abandoned without purchase at all. It’s nearly 7 out of every 10 prospects to buy products added to their carts. Opting not to purchase is caused by a lot of reasons. The main concerns are:

  • Security issues
  • Price of shipping
  • Technical hardships with the order
  • Unanswered query on products
  • Final cost

Effective automation of cart abandonment tackles as much of these issues as possible. Consider delivering emails between a 2-3 day period after cart abandonment when building abandonment sequence. 

Keep in mind when sending emails that offering discounts immediately is unnecessary. There are a lot of reasons why someone fails to complete the purchase, which are not related to the cost at all. 

Ask if they have concerns upon checking out, if they need more answers to queries before buying or if they have simply forgotten to complete an order. There are several strategies that an eCommerce marketing company could help you with. Of course, testing what works best for your customers, as well as your brand is paramount. 

2. Automated sequence that creates trust with new leads and inspires a first purchase. An automated sequence that turns non-buyers into first-time customers is one of the most valuable emails any brand could implement. It is in fact tops when it comes to the total revenue for a lot of online businesses. 

An automated sequence could be used to market new prospects over the next few days. The goal is to educate them on the brand, create trust and convert them later on into new clients. Offer something of value in return for an email address for those non-buyer email addresses when they show intent to leave the store without buying. It’s called a lead magnet. Great incentives could include a discount coupon upon the first purchase and an educational content download. 

3. VIP Automation. Reward your most valuable customers and encourage more purchases.  The 80:20 rule is all about a big percentage of the overall sales is driven by an inadequate small portion of the customer base overall. These are called customer VIPs. They’re those who purchase again and again, far more often than an average customer does. 

They not just buy often but also have order values higher than the average. It’s important to identify these people and design several automated emails to show appreciation and reward them when they meet the criteria you put in place for the VIP label. The main goal is to provide your VIPs with something no else could access to and make sure that they realize that fact. Two great options would be to have a VIP-only offer and free gifts. 

4. New Customer Automation. Create a first great impression, automatically generate reviews and encourage repeat buys. After an initial order, customers likely would get an automated confirmation receipt or email. While these are essential, there is more you could do to build a wonderful customer experience. 

This could mean more repeat purchases and higher lifetime consumer values. In this new customer automation, you also begin generating reviews automatically as well as cross-selling related items to build repeat buys. 


The above are some of the key components to a new customer email automation that’s efficient. As you continue developing the brand strategy, you also get to break off various parts of the sequence to their more in-depth automation. These could be targeted particularly to effectively achieve specific goals, like generating reviews, cross-selling and references of others to your brand. 

However, at the start you could keep all of this within a single streamlined new email automation. For a successful automated email marketing campaign this year, you have to start taking into account how you would grow your email list, the kinds of content to offer subscribers and how to influence more conversions in time.