Writing a resume may seem like a boring or routine business, but the fact remains that your bio is the only thing that can set you apart from the crowd of other candidates. According to the report, 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume.

It means you have to impress recruiters very quickly, which is impossible if you don’t do your best to design an outstanding CV. This is particularly important for marketers who always have to add a little tweak to their resumes to stand out.

What makes a great bio? It’s not a question we can answer simply, but we can point out the main features of a quality resume:

  • Design: It has to be well-structured and attractive, but not too complicated.
  • Reachable: Make sure to place contact information near the header to maximize discoverability.
  • Skills and experience: This is the critical point since you have to present the whole list of professional experiences clearly and concisely.
  • Quantify achievements: Instead of describing your skills, you should quantify achievements and prove how you helped former employers to grow.

These and many other elements form a standout CV, but you can hardly come up with the best solution using nothing but MS Word. On the contrary, you need to use at least one bio writing service to make the process better and faster.

Our job is to give you a hand by presenting the top 10 tools to write a perfect resume for marketers. Let’s check them out!

1.      Resumonk

If you are looking for a highly professional resume builder, then Resumonk is the safe choice for you. It’s an all-around CV creator with all the features you’ll ever need to highlight your marketing skills and experiences. You can format a bio single-handedly, but Resumonk also gives you a number of nice templates to work with. A free version grants you access to four templates that you can download in PDF format.

2.      Zety

Zety (formerly known as Uptowork) is a simple CV writing tool that gives you tons of useful suggestions on how to craft a great resume along with a cover letter. It has a flexible text editor, over 20 templates, and a broad color palette. What makes Zety so interesting is the fact that it has a tracking system, so you can see whether potential employers are really reading your bio. Basic features come for free, but the PRO version costs $4.99 per month.

3.      SlashCV

SlashCV is an intuitive tool that leaves no room for confusion. It has very simple features and doesn’t make things any more complicated than necessary. SlashCV offers you 50 designs, while each resume comes in a responsive format that displays flawlessly on all types of screens: mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet. A great thing about SlashCV is that it doesn’t have anything but the free version.

4.      ResumUP

ResumUP allows you to play with different ideas, solutions, and CV elements. The developers of this tool invested a lot of time into a design, which might as well be the biggest benefit for marketing-focused users. Different templates give you different possibilities, so you definitely need to research for a while to find the most suitable format. ResumUP offers you two templates for free, but the premium version offers much more and adds a cover letter builder.

5.      CakeResume

CakeResume is all about flexibility. It has a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to play with different components and rearrange units according to your own style and preferences. Every bio that you design can be shared, printed, forwarded, or sent off immediately. If you don’t mind having a CV with CakeResume branding, you can create one document free of charge. But if you want the document to be branding-free, you must pay $3.95 per month. 

6.      UK CareersBooster

Using a CV builder is one thing, but writing a copy of your resume is totally different. If you are not sure what to write or which style to use, we recommend you to consult with bio writing professionals at UK CareersBooster.

Our fellow colleagues at assignment service UK worked with UK CareersBooster and they shared their impressions with us: “This agency gives clients tons of useful suggestions. After a brief consultation, we realized it would be best to let UK CareersBooster take care of everything, so they wrote a few bios for us in record time.”

7.      Canva

Marketers who want to craft a perfect resume must also pay attention to the visual segment of the document. If you want to create an eye-pleasing CV, you should use Canva. It’s an online library of templates with over 50 thousand visuals, some of which can be turned into a super-attractive candidate bios.

8.      Vizualize.me

Vizualize.me is another image-oriented resume builder that you can use to create a simple but beautiful CV. The platform enables you to turn your CV into the infographic that contains all of the usual resume units. You can use multiple themes, language maps, experience timelines, skills bubble charts, pictogram, and many other features to make the document informative and more attractive. If you only need to share a resume online, Vizualize.me is free for use.

9.      Biteable

Video resumes are not a novelty anymore, but the number of companies asking for video presentations is constantly increasing. In such circumstances, you can use Biteable to shoot a great video resume. It makes a video production process simple and effortless, so you can make a professionally-looking clip rather quickly. You can use Biteable free of charge if you don’t mind the branded watermark, but you will have to pay for the premium plan in order to remove branding.

10. Grammarly

Sending a resume before proofreading is the biggest mistake you can make. Make sure to check your CV on time using a plugin like Grammarly. This is one of the most popular proofreading and editing platforms that can identify spelling and grammar mistakes almost instantly.


Resume writing is a delicate process that forces you to invest a lot of time and pay attention to numerous details. However, the job is much simpler if you choose the right CV writing software or app. In this post, we showed you the top 10 tools to write a perfect resume for marketers. Don’t hesitate to test each option and let us know in comments which tool turned out to work best for you.A