As far as social media marketing is concerned, Twitter is an underestimated platform among those platforms rated top 5. Many people would instead go for other platforms than settle for twitter. But the truth is, twitter is a very sharp marketing tool than people think it is. The fact that it is easy to create a large ‘army’ of followers with twitter, even without a big marketing budget, gives it an advantage over other social media platforms. 

One of the difficulties of using twitter is the problem of brand visibility. The fact that 350,000 tweets are posted every minute makes it even worse. But the real thing here is building strong relationships with your followers. You can find it easier to build your followership, but getting engagement and having healthy relationships is the real deal. 

There are plenty of marketing opportunities for brands on twitter, mainly because 42% of Twitter users follow brands. This makes it a fertile platform for brands to generate leads, spread awareness, and drive traffic to their website. But to maximize the use of Twitter for marketing. There are some secrets that you need to know about marketing on twitter. This article contains tips from custom essay service and professional writer service on how to use Twitter chats as a major part of your content marketing strategy on Twitter.  

Twitter Chats for Finding Leads

If you are looking for people interested in your industry or niche, one place on twitter where you can these people is twitter chat. So you have to be more open to joining twitter chats, especially because you can find one that is in line with your niche. The audience that you find in a twitter chat like this is very likely to be interested in the product or service that you render because they already have an interest in your niche. 

Twitter chat is like a virtual meeting for people with the same interests. If you’re looking to learn business strategies, network, and be a part of meaningful conversations, then twitter chat is the platform you need. It simply opens you up to your audience. 

Note that when you join a twitter chat, the goal is not to sell your product there.  So, this shouldn’t be the first thing that you try to do. If you do this, you’re more likely to be shunned and ignored than listened to. You should try to familiarize yourself with the participants and also get them familiar with you by posting high-quality posts and making educative comments. This way, they notice you, and you’re also able to point out prospects that you can kick off a relationship with from there. These become your leads and can also turn to loyal customers of your brand. 

If you are looking to participate in a Twitter chat, here’s how to go about it:

1. Pick the chat you want to participate in 

This is the first step that you’ll take. Carry out your research. Look for hashtags to twitter chats that are related to your industry and interests you. You could find twitter chats that hold regular meetings, and they’ll have a page with a schedule that includes the chat topics. So you can decide which one you’ll be joining. Once the time comes for the chat to begin, go to twitter, search for the related hashtag, and click on the tab for the latest tweets and join the conversation. You can also ask your followers to join in on the conversation. 

2. Use the hashtag

Since you’re already on the hashtag stream, you can follow along by reading the tweets. You might possess to continue to refresh the tweets to see the conversation. The host of the twitter chat will be the one to ask questions, which will lead to discussions between the participants. Continue to read along and comment whenever you should. 

To join the conversation, you need to use the hashtag. This means that you’re replying to the tweet’s questions directly or making a tweet and reference the issues you’re answering to. If the host tags the questions Q1, you should answer it with the A1 tag. Everyone who sees your tweet will know which item you’re contributing to. You also have to include the chat’s hashtag in all of your tweets to view your contribution. 

Benefits of Twitter Chat 

Whether you’re creating a twitter chat and promoting it for others to join in or you’re the one joining in other people’s twitter chat, there’s no denying that twitter chats are effective and come with many benefits for your marketing strategy. Some of these benefits include:

  • Brand exposure for the company and individual exposure too. 
  • Industry experts and target audiences notice the expertise of your company, leading to increased brand awareness. 
  • There’s a lot of learning and sharing of knowledge that will benefit you. 
  • It will increase your social media reach and the number of followers that you have. 
  • It allows you to build a personal connection with your potential leads and customers. 

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Twitter Chat for Your Content Marketing Strategy

How Twitter chats continue to be overlooked as an effective content marketing tactic will always be a mystery. But it is one that can help you massively. Creating a successful twitter chat will bring in more influencers into your twitter space and help you build a personal connection with your twitter audience, leading to lead generation and driving traffic to your website. It’s more effective for your marketing strategy that you create a Twitter chat than joining one. But the success of your Twitter chat will determine how effective it will be for you. So, how do you create a successful twitter chat? Here is a step by step guide from custom essay help and assignment help on creating a twitter chat that stands out. 

Step 1: Determine your goals and the metrics for measuring success

You have to ask yourself if your brand needs to create a Twitter chat and what you plan to achieve or accomplish from creating a twitter chat. What’s the goal? Like every other marketing strategy, you have to determine your goal and the metrics for success before you embark on it. 

Are you only trying to create brand awareness with it? If your answer is yes, how do you plan to reach out to and engage a large audience? If your goal is driving traffic to particular content on your website, how do you plan to promote the content while hosting the chat? Are you going to require that your audience sign up for anything to get their emails if you’re looking to generate more leads?

These are questions that help you determine your goal and how you plan to reach it. Then you can choose the KPI that you will measure the success of this marketing strategy with. 

Step 2: Look through the market 

Before you start your Twitter chat, you have to find out if you already have competitors organizing their twitter chat at particular times. It might not be wise to choose Tuesday afternoon for your twitter chat if a competitor already hosts one at the same time. You’ll only be creating unnecessary competition for yourself. As a matter of fact, you would want some of their audience to participate in your chat too, so trying to compete isn’t the way forward. Before you pick your day and time, you need to carry out your research:

To be effective, however, we recommend that you:

  • Time your chat for midweek and choose a time in the early afternoon, or even in the morning. 
  • Know the availability of your audience and choose lunchtime when it’s more likely that professionals will have time to be on social media. 
  • Make a schedule for your chat a few weeks before, so everyone has time to prepare. 

Step 3: Gather your audience and hosts together 

The next thing for you to do is to select your host for the twitter chat. It would be ideal if you ensured that it is an influencer in your niche or industry that can gather other influencers and a large audience for your Twitter chat. You can also create a list of influential people and make a positive contribution to your twitter chat. This will add some more insights, voices, and engagement into your conversation. 

Step 4: Choose the topics and decide on the dedicated hashtag(s) for the twitter chat

Once you have been able to settle on the date, time, and host of your chat, then you need to confirm the topic. You can check the seasonality of possible issues with some SEO tools. For instance, if you want your discussion to be centered around the benefits of healthcare, the most appropriate time to do this is in November, during the open enrollment season. Afterward, you can decide on which hashtag to use.

According to authors providing essay help at paper writing services, like best essay writing service uk it is recommended that you use two hashtags for the twitter chat. 

  • The first hashtag should combine the name of your company and another thing related to the conversation or your industry. 
  • The second hashtag should be related to the particular topic that you are discussing. 

The first hashtag will have to also appear on all your future twitter chats while the second one will change depending on what you’re discussing. 

Step 5: Prepare for the event and promote it 

Since it’s your first twitter chat, you need to go the extra mile to prepare for it. Make plans and ensure that it only holds for 45 minutes or a one-hour maximum. Write down between six and eight questions that will be asked during the chat. Make sure that the items are open-ended and good enough to cause a conversation. Decide how much time will be spent on specific questions and their answers and send all of this information to the special guests and host before time so that they can also prepare ahead and have their answers ready. 

Publish the details of the twitter chat at least two weeks before that day and promote it on Twitter and LinkedIn ahead of time. 

This might also be an opportunity for you to engage your community, which includes your co-workers and employees. Put out a memo a few days before the chat informing them and the company about the conversation, questions, and hashtags. Then encourage all of them to be a part of the conversation and invite their peers from the industry. 

Other things that you can do include:

  • Make a selection of links, images, and GIFs that perform brilliantly in twitter chats. 
  • Build social tiles that have pertinent stats that can be highlighted and shared during the chat. 
  • Think of ways to engage the participants. Will your company’s official handle be liking and retweeting? Is the host going to be using their personal handle to host the chat? 
  • Your twitter chat’s goal must be on your mind and the KPIs that you will be used to measure the success. So, strategize and determine all the tactics that you will be employing to reach your goal. 
  • You can decide to end the chat by including links or just linking it up to some chosen content on your company’s website. This can help you generate leads by capturing their emails, which allows you to contact the participants of the twitter chat.


Twitter is a more effective marketing tool than it is often given credit for. There are many more things that marketers and brands can achieve with twitter than they already do or even think that they can. This article contains some of the top secrets that successful brands use for their marketing on twitter. You can also use these tips to your advantage to give your brand a more substantial presence and voice on twitter. 


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