Why is it that some company websites generate scores of great leads every month, while others are lucky to snag a handful in a year’s time?

More often than not, underperforming lead generation websites are missing several web design fundamentals, and as a result, have practically no chance of attracting sales leads other than by accident.

To help companies understand what it takes to turn a marginal lead generation site into a great one, Internet marketing and web design firm Straight North recently published the white paper you see below, “How to Build a High Performance Lead Generation Website.”

In the white paper, we break down the key performance issues into five categories”

  • Usability
  • Mobile design
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion rate optimization.

It’s important to note that successful execution in all five areas is necessary if the website is to achieve a high level of performance in terms of both quality and quantity of lead generation.

Also of interest to readers of this blog will be the supplement beginning on page 14, where we discuss the details of form and phone tracking best practices. Proper tracking is essential for continuous improvement of Internet marketing campaigns; if tracking is improperly set up or absent, the lead production of even a well-designed website will never reach its potential.

Read the white paper here:


  • Brad Shorr

    Brad brings more than 25 years of marketing, sales, and management experience to the Straight North team as Director of Content Strategy. With a lifelong passion for reading and writing, he has been an active and respected blogger since 2005. His firm, Word Sell, Inc. - acquired by Straight North in 2010 - was among the first to bring social media marketing concepts and strategies to the business community. A graduate of Northwestern University, Brad is a skilled SEO copywriter, social media marketer, and content strategist.