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On Monday, April 17th Benjamin McEvoy will join us for the April edition of the AMABCHAT a monthly chat with personalities from around the marketing industry and related.
Benjamin is originally from the Boston area and is now based out of Los Angeles. He attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell and played hockey for the Riverhawks. Since then he has launched Benji Ball product and game that seeks to make baseball more accessible and fun for all. The ball has different baseball outcomes i.e. single/double that correspond to how it lands after being hit by the bat!
We will be talking about topics including launching his company, how he sees marketing today and how he enjoys building a community, and more. He also was put on the radar of MrBeast(a well-known Youtuber) after submitting a video and later receiving an investment!
If you aren’t familiar with Twitter chats, we will ask Ben questions in a high pace sequence, providing you with a lot of insight in a very short amount of time. And, for those with active Twitter accounts you can answer any questions right alongside him.
Immediately following our 60-minute text-based chat, we will transition over to Twitter Spaces to continue to conversation, and hear more about Benjamin and Benji Ball on voice. Twitter account is not required to listen, only required to join the conversation. Replays will be available.
If you have any questions about this event, please email our CO-VP of Social Media and who will be conducting the event, please email Brian Hurst at bhurst09@gmail.com 

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