Businesses are generally ahead of colleges and universities in their marketing, and the gap is even wider when compared with independent schools. One of the most fundamental disparities is that businesses are generally much more reliant on data to drive their strategies and tactics. Still, a surprising number of metrics that can effectively guide a school’s marketing programs also apply to most businesses, especially when considering the similarities between Admissions and Sales functions. From website views and length of visit to social engagement to videos views on the organization’s website versus YouTube, most data you find in the piece offers valuable tactical direction.

The broader philosophical point may also be relevant: that schools and businesses don’t need to allow data to “rule” their strategies but can leverage their findings to the degree that matches their own culture and resources. In this article written for Kalix Communications, a fast-growing independent school marketing firm, business and higher ed marketers may well find useful, if somewhat rudimentary, guidelines on how to make the most of their data from electronic and print channels.

Read the full post, “Guiding Your School’s Marketing with Data” and see how the tips from this case study can help your college or business!



  • William Bullard

    William Bullard is a strategic marketer with extensive experience in the Internet, digital marketing, database marketing, content, and many related areas. His career was in direct marketing and wireless communications before he moved into education marketing. He recently founded EdChanges to help institutions leverage strategic marketing in a fast-changing landscape.